“CNBC makes news of 2 kids making 160K mining Crypto” What they don’t say is that their parents bought them hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Rigs to do so.


Let’s say it everyone: Money makes Money2.

Today, worlds “objectively best” media cooperation CNBC, made another great article, about 2 kids making $160K from mining Crypto, and as a miner myself I want to quote some things from their article.

Our heroes, two kids named Ishaan Thakur, (14) and his sister Aanya, (9). They started mining with 3 dollars a day, which is what I get with my 2060 ($349), but then their operations grow majestically, how majestically you say? $64K per month!

Let me tell you, there is no fuckin way in the planet earth that you can get these numbers without a mining farm. Let’s continue!

“We have configured our computers to constantly scan for the most profitable coin and switch to that coin automatically,” If i need to translate it to English, Ishaan is either a super genius coder that can make a super complex AI. Or, they simply use NiceHash, which is what i use and does all this stuff automatically.

“Even though we are now making a lot of money, we are just as proud now as we were when we only made $3 per day, since our main prize is not the money,” I dont get why they act like its their achivment, its just that they poured a fortune to their rigs but, “How much?”

Now you remember when I said, “What they don’t say”. Now that’s kind of a lie cause just when I thought the article ended, there is a sweet spot that explains how they make that much money.

See, their father Manish Raj, did something that I laughed the shit out of myself once I read. He took a loan for his kids to Mine Cryptocurrency. Yes, you heard me right, he took a LOAN, for his kids to mine Crypto! Honestly, my father of the year award goes for the Manish!

Anyway, how much processor does little Ishaan has? Well, hope you’re ready cause shit is about to get real!

14-year-old Ishaan has:

100 NVIDIA RTX 3090!


50 NVIDIA RTX 3070 TI!

There is a huge chip shortage going on right now so no fuckin way he got these cards by the retailer price, but let’s say Manish is a close friend of Nvidia’s CEO, which I must say, you probably need to be to give that much money to your kids. He still would need to spend, AT LEAST $150.000 on GPUs with $1500 per card!

And you know what’s funny? RTX 3090 isn’t even a good GPU for mining. of course, its hash rate is an incredible 108 which is a lot, But, it’s not very efficient in Hash/$ perspective, as it needs 291 days to pay its price, while GTX 1060 only needs 159.

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