Chase Bank blocking purchases with ALL cryptocurrency merchants, even with Debit.


I was trying to purchase crypto with my credit card via MoonPay. It got denied. So, I called.

The representative said you can’t make crypto purchases on credit.

Fine. I get it. That’s the bank’s money.

I try debit. Doesn’t work. I call again. The representative says there is no issue with my card, and that the issue must be with Moonpay.

I try MoonPay again. Then Simplex. Then another merchant. Then I try with 3 different exchanges. All blocked.

I call again and again. “There is no issue with your card.” I call 6 times with no resolution. Their customer service is absolutely braindead.

I call yet again and ask to be transferred to a supervisor.

Turns out, Chase is blocking all crypto-related purchases on credit AND DEBIT!!! THATS MY MONEY!!!!


Crypto will be the downfall of big banks. DeFi and decentralized exchanges will annihilate these power-hungry structures of the past.


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