Charles Hoskinson throwing shade on Merge, says it’s not coming until 2023, “more likely” 2024


The title says it all — but he also says Polkadot is ETH 1.5.

I mean, this is a crazy thing to say on the same day as the successful Ropsten testnet merge. And I’m not sure what support he has for this…

Look, I’ve been an ADA bag holder for a while now, but this is just petty at this point. Literally no reason to believe Charles has any inside info and is doing anything other than taking a (poorly-timed) shot at his old colleagues. I believe in ADA tech-wise, but as long as Charles is the face of the coin, I think it’s more likely to go the way of LUNA and Do Kwon than a viable ETH competitor. If I can get back to even on my ADA, I’m selling. I can’t handle this guy anymore.

Anybody got a defense for this?

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