Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) calls for togetherness in crypto community


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson held a session on YouTube yesterday to answer pressing questions from the community.

Gap due to tribalism

During the livestream, Hoskinson gave a wish list of what he would like for Christmas; he did not ask for physical gifts this time. Instead, Hoskinson decided to name a pressing problem in the crypto space and that is the growing gap between investors of different projects due to tribalism.

Lots of similarities, but still lots of hate

Hoskinson is done with the hate and actually wants everyone within crypto to get along better.

‘All I want for Christmas is for everyone to get along in our industry. It’s extraordinary to me that when people are so close in philosophy and views, and in some cases technology, they can be so far apart as individuals. It’s extraordinary.

Crypto is different

Hoskinson finds it strange that investors in crypto are so different and so more emotional than in other industries. There is much less hate in other places.

‘You don’t see this in other industries,’ Hoskinson said. ‘You don’t see this in physics, or biology, or cell phone manufacturing, or whatever, pick an industry, the amount of tribalism, hatred and vitriol that our industry has for each other.’

He went on to explain that as long as people continue to hate each other, there will be no way to fight the real enemy: the legacy systems. He said that this system holds three billion people and will continue to do so. The founder also acknowledged that this will not be easy because there will always be people trying to divide others in space.

More collaboration in 2022

He also sees that there are books and podcasts that say things to divide people. Especially on social media, he sees the community being divided.

‘That has to stop and the only way it will stop is if we get better systems that are fairer. The only way we can do that is by working together. We’ll see if that’s achieved in 2022.’

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