Charles Hoskinson does not deserves the hate he gets and here is why


I totally do understand the criticism about him which are mainly: overpromising, talking bad about other projects, acting triggered and making wrong or confusing claims about his math background. But I still think, he is doing a lot for the crypto space in general and should be respected for it. Stay with me, I will explain.

First about his criticism:

Overpromising: 100%, but this is not a exklusive problem but a general crypto space problem. It’s exactly the same with almost all other crypto leaders like Vitalik and Eth 2.0. BUT Cardano and CH have delivered. It took them way longer than expected, but they are exactly there now where they wanted to be with the project and this is more than some other chains. Keep in mind that Cardano always was a research first Project and invented a whole new architecture from the ground up and not copying others like many other projects.

Talking bad about other projects: I’m gonna side with CH here. Most of what CH have said about other projects is true. And the situation the crypto market is currently in is proof. He said Eth will have to solve many problems for a long time, because they came out as fast as possible and not research first. He criticized Solana for the reasons everyone does, but did it before it was common. And this is the case for most of his criticism, a technical analysis of other projects and where their problems are (even with Luna). Ppl just get offended by it that’s all. He was almost always right in the end.

Acting triggered: 100%. This part I also really don’t like about him. I think he feels attacked very easily, I guess because ppl were trash talking him a lot back in the Eth days (and after) and ppl trash talked Ada because of the slow progress in the early days. But still, 100% valid.

Math Background: Same with acting triggered. I think it’s not okay and valid, but he still is a great mathematician and has proven many times. Like the time he created one of the most successful and researched backed Crypto projects out there.

So and what is actually good about him ?

His Videos: Yes. Have you ever watched one ? It’s so funny, every time a CH Video is posted here, ppl be like “I don’t like him but I agree with him on that”. Always. Why ? Because almost all of his videos are like that. This negative stuff about him is like 1% of the content. The other 99% is a smart visionary man who can talk very logical and clear. He can explain hard topics very easily and has been right most of the times about his claims. Oh I’m just a fanboy ? Pick a random video from his channel and watch it. Most Ppl only hear those rumors about him and never actually listen to what this guy is saying. Watch the Fox News interview with him. We all hate Fox News, but how is him explain some boomers crypto currency a bad thing ? Listen to the interview, come back here and tell Me how this is not a smart guy being out there and lobbying for us.

Lobbyism: He is out there and doing the job. With the same quality than in his videos. Explaining crypto, increasing the chance when regulation is hitting it won’t be bad. And he is also lobbying for crypto in general, for their fundamentals, not just ada. Where do you disagree with him ? Again listen and than again tell me where this is not a excellent job he is doing.

His vision: So again, how is this not exactly what we want ? Many Ppl here would agree with 99% what CH says and still act like he is just a random Crypto dude making sketchy things.

Him: Yes I do like him as a person. Dude is talking a lot about mindfulness, general research, global events and possible solutions, philosophy, math , culture and many more. Again if ppl here would actually consume content from him, I believe most ppl would even like him, find it interesting to listen to and agree with him on many things. But most ppl only know him through some headlines or hate comments and that’s it.

The truth is most ppl here know nothing about Charles and just heard of one of those negative things from above. While there is a lot of valid criticism against him, he is still doing a lot for the crypto space and saying a lot of smart things. It’s okay to not like him, but at least don’t spread the idea that he is some kind of snakeoil salesman which is just an absurd claim for what he has done and does. He is an important brain for the whole crypto space and don’t deserve the amount of hate and false claims he gets.

This will probably being downvoted into oblivion because it’s an unpopular opinion here, still I do encourage ppl to watch some of his recent videos.

Insert your CH Fanboy, Ada Cult or whatever reply’s right below here

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