Challenge: don’t check your crypto for a week.


When it comes to investments, I only want to buy something that has long term potential. Not interested in pumps/dumps/shills and all that. I want something that has solid use case over the coming years. Something I am comfortable holding for a decade regardless of how the market is doing. You’d think that based on this mindset, one would be comfortable ignoring price action, just research, buy and go about your daily business right? Right???

Well, fuck me I’ve been so wrong! I must be checking my portfolio like at least 10+ times a day, and it’s so fucking pointless. I don’t learn anything new about what I hold, I get distracted from real life, stress myself (both when things go up or down, or sideways for that matter), see price patterns that tell you jack shit, and get tempted by my animal spirits to make stupid decisions on the whims of the moment. Lots of people here who say they do “research”, when in reality they basically just look at lines and candles all day and think they’ve learned something when in reality all they’ve been looking at is market volatility visualised.

So I want to try avoiding checking prices/my portfolio for a week, and thought perhaps others here want to join too as a challenge, and to keep each other accountable (well, at least in spirit). I’ll update the post in a week on whether I managed or how long I lasted lol. Others could do the same in the comments with reminders if interested, and then see how badly we all fuckup :p

Will be interesting to see what portion of people actually get through 7 days, and whether we are all just a bunch of degenerate crypto addicts 😉

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