Chainlink – More revenue then every other protocol but one???


Guys, I’m scared. What do these numbers mean? I must be wrong right? Shows LINK revenue earned by the nodes/data providers. This is earnt by protocols that use LINK paying for data with the LINK token across all chains.

Currently shows over a 7 day period 227k LINK has been earnt in total.

Which works out to about 12million LINK tokens annually.

Chainlink is currently worth around $7.70 each…12million x $7.70 = $92million gross per year.

We of course have to consider gas costs. shows us that the chainlink network spent $800k on gas in the last 7 days. So about $41million spent across an entire year.

$92 million – $41million = $51million earnt in revenue a year.

$51million in revenue puts chainlink at very near the top of the pile in most successful protocols if we use this data;

This can not be right can it? Are those numbers right?

I do not believe chainlink offers any ‘token incentive/miner reward/network bootstrapping’. This is all from actually users. No ponzi token inflation.

I think this is a big deal. But no one else seems to have noticed. Have I finally lost my mind?

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