Celsius in 2019 tweeted this: If you don’t have free and unlimited access to your own funds, are they really *your* funds? The rest is history.



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The irony in this tweet is incredible.

The only way to have free and unlimited access to your own funds is with your own wallet.

Celsius, Voyager, BlockFi, FTX users have lost billions of dollars by trusting centralized exchange.

Centralized exchanges aren’t the way how crypto should be used, Satoshi created Bitcoin as a peer-peer decentralized currency that you didn’t have to trust anyone with.

You might think your exchange won’t do this, the recent proof of funds shows that most of the big exchanges – Crypto.com, Binance have something fishy going on. So, do yourself a favor and move your funds to an external wallet and use crypto the decentralized way!

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