Celsius have closed their Maker Vault and are about to dump 22k BTC (500m USD) on the market


Celsius onchain activity has seen a lot of big moves in the last few hours.

They closed down their maker vault by replaying the loan and retaken their 22k BTC from there And now have consolidated the 22k BTC into an intermediary wallet, and this is moving to FTX.

DAI loan closed

Funds moved to main wallet

It doesnt look like they have an OTC deal in place, so they are instead moving all of that to their FTX deposit wallet

500m worth BTC about to hit markets

Test transaction…

After fucking up so epicly in the last 2 months, its atleast encouraging to see them do a test transaction of 0.01 BTC..

It looks like a big liquidation is underway in Celsius and they may also be declaring bankruptcy and announcing insolvency proceedings soon

DeFiyst has been tracking every move!

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