Celebrating when other people get scammed doesn’t make you a smart investor. It makes you an asshole


I started posting and actively participating in this subreddit around six months ago. I was into crypto years when I used to buy acid and hash off the darknet. And didn’t get back into crypto until earlier this year when I bought some doge. That’s right. Doge. And that’s what reintroduced me to the crypto space.

I quickly realized it was indeed a memecoin and realized some profits on it as well. From there I did my research and diversified into other holdings. Which has been educational and profitable and hopeful for the future

But since I started lurking and posting here I’ve seen this overriding sentiment of “fuck em I hope they lose all their money” and “they get what they deserve” and a general air of self-righteous neckbeardism and juvenile celebration of other’s misfortune.

It’s a bad look. In life and online. Don’t do it. You can still have empathy for other people. Kindness is free. Being a self-righteous asshole doesn’t make you smart or better than anyone. It makes you a dick and makes this community look bad

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