CDC slashes earn rates again


Title says it. CDC has again lowered the cap for which allocated funds in their “earn” program (staked cryptocurrency) receive their stated rates. It was previously dropped down from no cap to 30K worth of cryptocurrency being able to receive their full rates for staked cryptocurrencies. It has now dropped down to 3K of cryptocurrencies being able to receive the full rates. They’ve also slashed the flexible “Earn” rates across the board.

It’s a bummer for sure. CDC fanboys spoke about the 30K cap addressing the whales collecting huge sums of interest and I bought that narrative. Dropping the cap to 3K just frankly makes me worried about their financial projections and ability to stay solvent in the midst of their huge ad spending during crypto winter.

Would be interested to hear peoples take on this development.

Edit: To clarify, concern about their huge ad spending and now continued rolling back of rewards, perks, and staking rates as we continue into crypto winter.

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