CCIP023 – Moons Multiplier for the new Flair System


What’s the poll?

We can use the Flair system to give Moons bonuses or penalties to encourage the best kind of posts that all visitors to the sub enjoy and benefit from. Moons awarded should be proportional to effort spent.


A few of us Mods recently changed the flair system to be less specific and get rid of some of the older and irrelevant flairs. We currently award 10% (x0.1) of moons to Comedy posts and Media posts. I propose that we choose some sensible “Moons Multipliers” to all of our flairs.

What’s the benefit?

Some of the best and most helpful posts on this subreddit are when redditors sit down and perform awesome write-ups. I’ve seen tonnes of helpful threads such as a full documentation of the best Liquidity Farming platforms, users that create tools for the community to use, and in-depth, thoughtful debates. I believe we can further incentivize these posts by awarding Multipliers to each flair to curate the content this community provides to what’s beneficial, and not link farming or lazy comedy posts with minor alterations.

What’s the drawback?

A hell of a lot of posts get submitted daily to this subreddit. 4 figures per day sometimes. And as this has the potential to award users more Moons than normal for their posts, you can bet your ass some gaming of the system will go down. Here’s some thoughts I’ve had for you to digest;

While users can game the system, we only need to consider the handful of posts that reach the front page. I couldn’t care less if someone awarded their 16 karma post a 1.25x Multiplier flair.

Incorrectly flaired and popular posts are inherently viewable and we already have “incorrect flair” reporting, plus the ability to change flairs.

Users can’t change flair after set, so they can’t game posts after they’ve become popular.

This could cause a reduced diversity of posts, but the types of posts that earn bonus moons do require extra effort.

Proposed Multipliers

I’ve posted this a few times in the Meta sub and the current flairs & their proposed multipliers are well accepted. There’s always room for improvement however.

Flair Description Example Moons Multiplier Analysis For analysis self-posts, trading analysis, profit & loss etc The ultimate guide to earning passive income with cryptocurrencies 1.25x Debate Comparing & Contrasting different coins or technologies Top 25 Cryptocurrencies – 3 Pros, 3 Cons 1.25x Comedy Those hilarious gotcha self-posts, like the daughters idiot boyfriend To all the newbies: This has never happened before, Bitcoin was only meant to go straight up 0.1x (no change from current) Anecdote Self stories, such as “I sold all to buy my Dad a ‘how to love your son for dummies’ textbook” I (24F) feel like a bad b*tch compared to my boyfriend 0.1x Advice “Take your coins off exchange” “Use 2 Factor Authentication” No, leaving your crypto on an exchange is not the end of the world and you don’t have to move your $100 woth of crypto to a cold wallet 0.5x Tool Users that build tools for the community to use, such as CCMoons website, Exchange-Bots, PnL calculators 1.5x Perspective A user’s thoughts, which often prompt discussion but with no analysis You CAN find a x100 coin. You just CAN’T hodl it long enough to take x100 profits. 0.1x Questions “Which exchange offers the best withdrawal rates” etc Which is the best choice concerning the Visa debit card? 0.5x Reminders “Don’t use Robinhood!” “Remember Coinbase Pro has lower fees” etc Reminder after Robinhood IPOed today. Move your funds out of Robinhood. You don’t own your coins, robinhood does. 0.5x News Posting links to articles, tweets, websites Coinbase CEO Says He Owns a Ton of Bitcoin, Unveils Outlook on Rise of Altcoins 1x (no change) Updates Simple links should be posted as News, for updates and discussion on what it means, then a self-post with links is ideal The Ethereum upgrade “London” coming in 9 days will be a “hard fork” and I found out what that means so you don’t have to. 1.1x Market Posts such as “$X Million shorts were just squeezed” / “We’ve gained $200 Billion in 1 week” etc Solana, XRP, Cardano lead losses as 91% of all crypto ‘longs’ liquidated – The market saw a sudden drop this morning leading to 620 millions of dollars in ‘liquidations.’ 0.9x Moons As CC’s own Crypto, it should have its own dedicated discussion & flair 14,255 Accounts in last distribution with NO REDDIT VAULT 1x (no change) Politics Government adoption, discussion 5 out of the 6 US Senators against Crypto are over 65 years old. Do you really think they know anything about crypto? 0.8x All other flairs Discussion, Exchange etc 1x (No change)

So the general idea is, we want to encourage:



Updates & Info


No change for news link posts as that’s Reddit’s bread and butter.

And small to large penalisations for repetitive and low-effort content:






Market information


You might think it odd to see Reminders or Advice in there, but these are heavily abused for some easy moons.

I’m hoping that if implemented, users will be encouraged to curate better analysis and debate posts, so we can all learn new things and become better at investing and using Cryptocurrency, while also discouraging lazy re-hashed comedy threads, repetitive reminders and advice better contained in a “Newcomers” section or similar.

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