CCIP-039 reduce the number of external link posts to 1 per day



Main sub is filled with posts contain external links and many times the same news is reposted over and over. This can be recognized as ‘spam’. The rule states that is allowed to post 3 links per day and this rule is exploited by some users and bots for the sole purpose of moon farming. This spam problem create three main issues:

• ⁠there is not enough visibility for user posts, original contents

• ⁠lower efforts posts such as repost links get the most of visibility and are ‘easily upvoted’ (who indeed downvote a news??)

• Moons are used to reward active users that contribute to the sub, not intended to be farmed.

Example: Some news like “vitalik B said bla bla this morning” get thousands of upvotes; gets visibility and get rewarded with high karma. Some original post of “Mr. No one” with the ultimate technical analysys get hidden, put in shadow by the link of news as above. and usually the same news get posted multiple times.

The sub indeed became lately a sort of ‘news channel’


Reduce the number of allowed post links per day from 3 to 1. This modification will clean the sub from excessive spam, will disincentive the easy moon farming, will allow to be more fair in the moon distribution, will give fair visibility to users original posts, will help the job of the mods.

Furthermore, is really needed to post 3 external links per day?

Indeed I think that a sub free of spam will be a better place for users to interact.

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