CCIP-031 – Remove vaultless users below 10 karma from the snapshot and distribution.



As we all know, the crypto-space is flooded by spams, scams, shills, bots etc… and of course, r/CryptoCurrency is no exception. While most users don’t see this spam due to our bots removing it, this affects our governance token by lowering the ratio as well as the cap, governance is meant to be distributed proportionally to users that contributes to the subreddit, not to bots/shills/scammers. Moderators also have a really hard time catching these users since bots automatically remove their posts/comments.


Removing vaultless users with less than 10 karma from the snapshot and distribution.


Pro: Higher ratio and karma cap for contributors and more governance available to vote

Con: Less moons will be burned


Short and sweet, happy moon week.

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