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Bitcoin has broken above the Realized Price at $19.7k which as been a key metric for all of Bitcoins history and especially bear markets.

If we talk about important indicators in Crypto, one is definitely going to be at top, the realized price. One of the most popular ones and also one of the most significant ones that was able to confirm a bottom in all of Bitcoins prior bear markets and even now it seems that it is one of the only indicators left that has not been broken. Now, this magnificent rally from $16.5k to up to $21k has put us finally above it. What is the realized price? The realized price is calculated as division of at which price all the Bitcoin were bought by the circulating supply. So in other words, its the average purchase price of all Bitcoin. The realized price was currently sitting at $19.7k, we had just been rejected by it at $21k before the FTX implosion. ​ Imported from Glassnode Here we can see how we have surpassed therealized price but there are also two other metrics that are also realized prices. The Supply last active under 6 months and Supply last active over 6 months Realized Price, which is basically the same but different supplies used for its calculation. In the past we had confirmed the 2018 bottom by surpassing all three Realized Prices. We passed two now but the Realized Prize for over 6 months is at $23k which is indeed a long way. It may be just one metric here but it is one of the most important ones and while many indicators have been broken in this bear market this one has survived and will probably always at least stay relevant. At the end, no indicator can confirm to 100% whether we have reached the bottom or other but give a general overview of the sentiment. submitted by /u/partymsl [link] [comments]

We have officially passed the bottom. Get ready for the next bull run.

This is an official announcement based on my feelings. I am so happy with these massive 24h gains. 2022 is forgiven and forgotten. Next stop 500k usd bitcoin. I’ve already notified my online russian fiance and she has promised to wait for me. Won’t be long. This is the time to reverse mortgage your house. I already did in 2021 but now I’ve talked my parents into reverse mortgaging theirs and lending me the money at 50% interest so I can invest in crypto. Everybody wins. I am a hero. Besides my feelings, it is rationally certain that this is the beginning of the next bull run. First of all, someone on reddit told me so. Secondly, inflation only moves in a straight line, so since it has come down a little it will not go back up. Also record levels of global debt have not caused catastrophic market failures so they won’t in the future. If China invades Taiwan that will accelerate the bull run because people always buy bitcoin to guard against risk. Now we can relax because every single one of us will be millionaires in 2023. It’s absolutely certain. submitted by /u/DoItYrselfLiberation [link] [comments]

Bitcoins rally from $16.5k to just over $18.2k has immediately increased the Supply in Profit from 47% to 60%. Showing how significant the current levels are.

We can not deny that the year so far has been pretty solid in comparison to last year but its literally just 10 days. News articles are already flipping out over this 10% but it really does not seem much as we are still in this sub $20k area. But actually this range we are in is pretty significant as a very large amount of volume has historically been traded in this range, in fact the most. Here we can firstly see the 13% rise in the Supply in Profit metric to this exact pump, bringing back the majority of the supply to profit. ​ Chart imported from Glassnode Now to the reason of this big increase of the Supply in Profit while the price increased by just 10%. The Supply in Profit metric is depended on where how much BTC was bought. If at a certain price level a large amount of BTC has been bought throughout its history then this will lead to an accordingly large increase of the metric. ​ Imported from therationalroot (from 04/01/2023) And exactly in the current price level of exactly $16.5k to $17.8k, so exactly the price area that we just eclipsed in the past days which now also makes sense on how the Supply in Profit started rising here. The current levels have been one of the strongest support-wise, so the chances of a bottom forming here are pretty good actually but dont get your expectations too high just now. We are much more likely to gain support at such areas of high historic volume and where the bitcon uspply changed the most hands and with no doubt we are at such levels right now, but bear in mind that this indicator is just as speculative right now as all of on-chain data is. submitted by /u/partymsl [link] [comments]

I can’t believe people are selling legit projects to FOMO into shitcoins with no real value, I’ve lost all hope in Crypto.

So the crypto markets are pumping and people are doing what people always do, fomoing into worthless crypto projects while ignoring the best ones. Why are people like this? You have great Crypto currencies with great fundamentals and a solid development team behind them being sold and dropping in price because people want to free up some liquidity to purchase absolute garbage crypto. BONK one of the best new projects, launched a few weeks ago to save a failing blockchain called SOLANA. BONK single handedly boosted the price of SOL 25% and created more millionaires than you count in one hand, yet look at the chart! it’s been sold like crazy. This project has great fundamentals with a solid development team who only kept 50% of all tokens for themselves, why would people sell this? FRONK Not everybody was lucky enough to get BONK, so a great and wise group of slightly hurt developers decided to create FRONK, for those who didn’t get BONK. This project also has great fundamentals, running on one of the greatest Blockchains currently on the market and being one of the first Frog coins it’s sure to go far in 2023 but again people are selling, why? and what are people buying with all the money they are getting from selling the two greatest crypto project to ever be created? Bitcoin Look at this, people are fomoing into this old coin called bitcoin, made some guy who went into hiding after creating it and currently holds like 5% of the total coins. The creator is non responsive, doesn’t communicate and hasn’t written a single line of code for this crypto currency in over a decade yet people are fomoing in like it’s the greatest thing since slice bread. when will these new people learn to stay away from these shitcoins. Ethereum another project that people are fomoing into is Ethereum, this one is even worse than Bitcoin. It has an unlimited supply, it’s logo is an empty wallet and it’s worth less than bitcoin which we already decided was a shitcoin. People should be running away from this coin but instead look at the green on the chart from idiot’s just fomoing in hard. why are you buying this crap? I know a lot of people are new to crypto and don’t know any better but you guys should really be buying some legit projects like BONK, FRONK and if you want to go for one that is a bit more legit SHIB. Stay away from those scam projects like bitcoin, ethereum, AVAX or ALGO, people only lose money on those projects with most of them being down like 75% in the last year. not financial advice submitted by /u/Odlavso [link] [comments]

I lost over $500k in CeFi yield products. Here’s my reflections and message to this community

tl;dr: I lost over $500k from CeFi yield products. I lost money in Celsius. I lost money in BlockFi. I lost money in Midas. Here are some lessons learned as well as key points I’ve been repeating on here. Obviously NYKNYC, but I think this is really only part of the story. I understood this risk already, and I recognized that moving funds into CeFi was a risk. This is why I diversified and more importantly made sure that crypto was money I could afford to lose. I feel the other points are far more important so I will go through them instead. Greed kills. I actually think this is one of the most important things to remember. If you’re greedy, you will end up losing. It doesn’t matter if you adhere to NYKNYC or not. Trying to earn money/yield/return is inherently risky. Obviously 3% High Yield Savings accounts are far less risky than 8-10% S&P 500 and certainly far less risky than 10% crypto yield. We all want to make money, but for goodness sake, invest ONLY what you can afford to lose. Losing $200 when you only have $5000 hurts, but isn’t the end of the world. Losing $4500 when you only have $5000 will destroy you. Having your finances in order is a huge help. This $500k stings no doubt, but I have a job that pays the bills. I save into my 401k, my Roth IRA, into a taxable brokerage account. Crypto is just the cherry on top. If I lost all my crypto tomorow, it would be super depressing, but I would still be able to pay my bills. My point isn’t to brag, but instead to suggest that if you’re going to invest into crypto hoping to get rich, then you should only invest AFTER you have your basic finances taken care of. So many people talk about inflation, investing, DCA, compound growth, but do you invest regularly into your 401k or Roth IRA? Do you have a budget? If you’ve never saved a dime and all of a sudden want to get rich from crypto, then you’re going to get hurt. Diversification and discipline are a must. I started CeFi lending actually reasonably well with assets spread out across 5 or 6 different providers. The problem is as they started going down I started getting careless. When I lost money in Celsius and BlockFi, those were reasonable amounts proportional to the amount of risk I saw in those exchanges. The problem is as I simultaneously cashed out of FTX and Gemini, I snowballed those losses into Midas. What’s worse is I got greedy wanting to try to exit CeFi entirely after hitting a target goal–that happened to be cashing out end of 2022. The problem? Midas’ Trevor beat me to the punch and cashed out my funds for me before I could cash out. My gut told me to GTFO after Celsius, but I kept a small amount in Midas. Once FTX collapsed, I withdrew everything. But I got greedy. I counted my savings from FTX and Gemini which I also cashed out and calculated that if I did another month or so of Midas, I could land nice numbers. This broke my risk model. I was putting over 2/3rds of my assets into Midas. Had I stuck to my original risk model and the initial funds I put into Midas, I would’ve lost a LOT less. Stupid me but oh well right? What caused me to fail so badly with Midas? If you read my posts, I have been beating drums that all CeFi is super risky and that without regulation and seeing actual balance sheets, all these businesses could very well be insolvent. I particularly battled with teh fanboys of Midas who were just as bad as Alex Mashinsky fans and would talk about how transparent and how honest he was and how this was the strongest community. What broke me was when Trevor seemed to answer my complaints and publish a Proof of Liquidity sheet not only showing assets but liabilities as well. I too complained that Binance and other exchanges were not doing enough by showing proof of reserves. After all what good is having $1 billion if you owe $2 billion? What’s worse is a few days before I had been complaining based on FTT and CEL token collapse that native tokens were actually a huge risk. It’s almost as if Trevor knew who I was, made his proof of liquidity calculations to show that MIDAS token isn’t even needed to convince me to stay. These two false assumptions were the factors for me to move more funds (FTX and Gemini savings) into Midas. Looking back that was a pure emotion move, but I justified it by trusting the balance sheet. Ugh. Where do we go from here? Cold storage no doubt. I got greedy, I gambled, lost some. I got even greedier to try to make back some of those losses, and lost more. The Midas loss stinks the most because it was just a failure on my part to manage risk. I violated my own rules. My Message to the community Stay strong, crypto is here to stay, but crypto is also a super risky asset. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Size up risk appropriately. NYKNYC is fine, but understand a total loss IS possible. CeFi yield without appropriate regulation and transparency is going to be way riskier than traditional finance income schemes. For the love of God, get some basic financial knowledge. The idiocy spewed here is often laughable. Crypto should be a PART of your portfolio, not the only thing. If you are saving $1000 / month, then crypto should be in ADDITION to that, or if you really cannot afford MORE, decide what percentage of the $1000 will go to crypto. $50 of that $1000 is reasonable. $900 of that $1000 is NOT. submitted by /u/cryptoripto123 [link] [comments]

My Portfolio Has Gone From -72.4% All-Time to -68.3%. It’s Official, The Bull Run Is Back On

If you’ve paid attention to the market lately, you’ll notice that in the last 2 days it’s up over 5%!! The is huge as it signifies market sentiment has completely changed. The S&P is up only 2%, and since 5% is bigger than 2%, I feel confident in saying we have officially decoupled from the stock market. I know what you’re thinking- “5% in a few days isn’t that big of a change.” And yes, I agree with you, but let’s imagine the market grows 5% every 2 days for the next year. 5% of compounding interest every 2 days over a full year means $100 investment today could turn into $736,286.91 a year from today. Now that’s wife-changing money! Why do I think this? Well, technical analysis. You see, I started my trend line 2 days ago and saw the overall change. I extended that out for a year, and arrived at my conclusion. Don’t trust, verify. And since crypto is backed by math, this makes perfect sense! I can’t believe yesterday my wife was threatening me with divorce after I cashed out my 401K and yolo’d on BONK. She was saying she couldn’t be with a man so reckless with his money! Well jokes on her! When I tell her my investment is only down 68% now, she’ll have to eat crow and apologize! If you’re like me, you know the bull run is back on. Trust your heart. Take this hopium. Take out a second mortgage on your home. Get as many personal loans as you can. Max out your credit cards on crypto. Your future self will thank you. Do not do any research. This is financial advice. submitted by /u/002timmy [link] [comments]

Algorand now has > 10x the smart contract throughput than Solana and any other top L1 (SOL, BSC, AVAX, MATIC, CELO, ETH included)

I think we can all agree that tps numbers can be hard to compare between chains. Some chains can pin 10000s of native token transfers, but things get weird when you start to compare smart contracts. Last year, I posted about this metric in the Algorand subreddits for determining throughput of different blockchains in the fairest way possible. That is using an AMM “uniswap-style” swap as the benchmark. The authors of the medium article linked in my original post tested the smart contract throughput of some of the top smart contract platforms empirically, and they found that these chains to have the following AMM-swap tps limits: Solana Mainnet Orca – 273 swaps BSC pancakeswap – 195 swaps Polygon quickswap – 95 swaps Avax Trader Joe – 176 swaps Celo Ubeswap – 50 swaps Ethereum uniswap v2 – 18 swaps Immediately after the 6k tps upgrade, I made a post about Algorand’s ability to perform these AMM-style swaps which was estimated using the assumption that an AMM swap would require four txns per swap. This estimation came out to about 1625 swaps per second. At the time this was very impressive because the next fastest chain was Solana capped at being able to do 273 swaps per second. People foreshadowed in the comments on one of my previous posts saying that it could definitely be done in less than four transactions, but I wanted to be conservative at the time. Today, I saw on twitter that one of the developers from Vestige actually empirically tested this on the MAINNET and proved that Algorand can do 2881 AMM-style swaps per second. You can see the on-chain evidence in this block. Algorand literally dwarfs these other chains in smart contract efficiency 10.5x more than Solana Mainnet Orca – 273 swaps 15x more than BSC pancakeswap – 195 swaps 30x more than Polygon quickswap – 95 swaps 16x more than Avax Trader Joe – 176 swaps 57x more than Celo Ubeswap – 50 swaps 160x more than Ethereum uniswap v2 – 18 swaps 3.5x more than all of them combined – 807 swaps If anybody can do this experiment for other popular Layer 1s like Tezos, NEAR, or Elrond or the Layer 2s on ETH, I would love to include them here. Please be respectful in the comments 🙂 submitted by /u/Mr_Blondo [link] [comments]

Do Kwon’s TFL accidentally sent someone $1.5M worth of LUNA and is now threatening to call the FBI on them. Ironic.

TFL accidentally sent a guy named Jimmy a million LUNA, peak worth of around $6-7M. The guy is not returning the money yet citing tax implications as a reason, meaning he is consulting some tax lawyers on the implications of returning the funds. He wants to keep some incase he may need to pay taxes on the transaction, which is fair to me. TLDR; The funniest part is Do kwon, someone who is being hunted by law enforcement all over the world, threatening to call the FBI on someone. This is too funny lmao. Just another day in crypto innit. Read more details here: submitted by /u/Far-Scholar9028 [link] [comments]

My Adventures as a Crypto Bounty Hunter: Undercover Edition

I’m returning to my crypto bounty hunter series featuring today the undercover edition. I’m a crypto bounty hunter and today I’ll share a recent encounter I have had with a scammer. ​ Cross-Chain Man While working on behalf of a client, I encountered a scammer who had stolen around 79.5 ether on Christmas time. The stolen funds were split into two transactions and sent to a Hybrid exchange (which I will not name for obvious reasons) to be swapped for another coin or token. The problem is that these exchanges basically work like a CEX (centralized exchange) in the sense that you can swap “any” token or coin for any token or coin without having to use a bridge but are decentralized. As a result, there are no records of the transactions. The transaction still happens on both sides, but you cannot “link” them. Scammers often use these exchanges to launder funds because records are hard to find. ​ I first tried to find all transactions on the Ethereum side, where the scammer deposited the stolen funds, and correlated them with withdrawals on other chains (BTC, BNB, PHANTOM) to see if I could find a matching transaction to trace the funds on the other side. However, there were thousands of transactions and I found it time-consuming. Don’t mistake me, I could have found out where the funds went that way, but it would have taken a lot of hours which I do not have at the moment. ​ While brainstorming for solutions, I realized that hybrid exchanges have customer support and had the idea to contact them pretending to be the scammer and say that I had not received the transaction on the other side. I had the initial wallet address, the transaction hash, the amount that was swapped, and the date, but I was missing one factor: the coin or token that the Ethereum was swapped for. So, while speaking to them via chat, I took a guess and pretended I had not received my BTC (I took this shot based on experience, I guess?). And guess what? They gave me the transaction hashes! ​ I was able to trace the funds to several known exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance, as well as some in Eastern Europe. ​ Unfortunately, there is no happy ending yet as we have just entered the process of contacting the exchanges, but I am positive on this one and that is why I am sharing the story. If you would like, I can provide updates in the future. ​ Please let me know if you wish me to continue this series. ​ As always Stay safe and Freak the Scammers submitted by /u/Queasy_Length_1016 [link] [comments]

The Reverse Cramer strikes again! All hail Cramer for our pump today!

So just yesterday, Jim Cramer was asking investors to ‘get out of crypto now’, saying the SEC was going to ‘sweep everything’ out. Almost immediately, the magic of Inverse Cramer strikes! Today Bitcoin breached 17k, Eth crossed 1.3k and generally alts are up to their highest level in a month. Santa rally and New Year’s rally didn’t happen, what was needed for the markets to pump was actually Cramer’s magic. Now, let’s go back to the previous Cramer crypto call before yesterday. 24th December, Cramer said he wouldn’t touch LTC and SOL ‘in a million years’ and urged all the holders to get out. Some people thought – has Cramer changed? A shitcoin like Solana, most people thought it was dying.. surely it’s sensible to exit right? Has the Inverse Cramer lost its magic this time round? But no! I’m telling ya, the Inverse Cramer even works for shitcoin and dead coins. SOL is up 20% for the daily, and up nearly 50% from the point Cramer asked you to get out- just 2 weeks ago! So lads, never doubt the Inverse Cramer. It’s the only advice I can ever trust- Don’t listen to your FA, your influencer, your mom or your fellow Redditor – but you can always bank on some Cramer magic! submitted by /u/Every_Hunt_160 [link] [comments]