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[HIRING] Royal portrait of my DND character and her parents; budget is $300-400 USD

Hello! I’m looking for someone willing and able to draw a portrait of my tiefling noble character as a young teenager alongside her parents. I’ve gotten multiple commissions of my character in the past but I’ve never had anyone draw her parents before. I can describe the appearance of her parents but I don’t have visual references so the artist can have plenty of creative freedom there. I’m not picky with art style but my favorites tend to be semi-realistic and/or anime-ish. The clothing style would be high fantasy with goth elements. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you’ve been to something like /r/ImaginaryWesteros, what I want is something similar to a lot of the portraits that show up there. 🙂 Here’s a link with some past commissions of my character so you can get a feel for her appearance. submitted by /u/gengarina to r/HungryArtists [link] [comments]

[HIRING] [$150] Portrait artist (stylized or realistic) needed as a birthday gift. Must be able to draw cats.

I posted it once but never found anybody: I am wanting to get a portrait done of my girlfriend (waist up) and her cats for her birthday. I am open to different kinds of styles but am capping my budget at $150 for this because of the simplicity in style I am primarily looking for (something loosely anime, cute, or ghibli-esque). Project would need to be completed by end of the month or early, early February. Art will be printed and framed as an 11×14 most likely. submitted by /u/abductodude to r/HungryArtists [link] [comments]

[Hiring] For a simple fantasy card game with a budget of $100-$150 per piece, with 16 total pieces over a long period of time.

I’m looking to hire an artist who can do simple but fun art for a card game. The cards will include magic effects as well as fantasy characters; especially dragons. At the moment, I’m not 100% sure if I want to sell the game, and am currently just designing it for friends, but to be safe I’m setting the budget range for Commercial Rights just in case. I also would be happy to later down the line pay more under your preferred price for full transfer rights if I decide to sell the game, but for now I’m only looking for commercial rights just in case. As it stands, I’m looking at 16 total different cards I’ll need art for. I won’t be able to afford EVERY piece at once, but I am looking to commission the same person for all of the art (not the card designs though), and will over an uncertain period (maybe 6 months to a year?) of time be commissioning a few pieces at a time until all 16 are completed. submitted by /u/Darkguy812 to r/HungryArtists [link] [comments]

[HIRING] [$100+] I am looking for somebody that can create an adorable portrait of my girlfriend and our cats for her birthday.

Girlfriend’s birthday’s coming up around late February and I am wanting to get something done of her and our three cats. I am looking for the most adorable styles I can get. I will say she particularly loves Studio Ghibli films so something in that style might be neat. I am open to ideas but …

[HIRING] [$100+] I am looking for somebody that can create an adorable portrait of my girlfriend and our cats for her birthday. Read More »

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[Hiring] 8 People transformed into their favorite characters with background ($200-300) pay flexible

Commissioning a project where we turn 8 people into their favorite characters. Uniform + highlights what makes their character special (crown, weapon, energy, colors, etc) and a background. Details and references (in-game and out) will be provided upon request. Style: Anime/Japanese/Chinese Budget: $200-300 via Paypal (flexible) Deadline: Late January/Early February Thanks! submitted by /u/kiwimelonxyz to …

[Hiring] 8 People transformed into their favorite characters with background ($200-300) pay flexible Read More »

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[Hiring] Hiring Horror/Monster/Surreal Artist for Character designs

Hello everyone, I had such a great time last time I decided I wanted to get more work done. My budget is 200$ Style Wanted: Semi Semi Realistic Surrealism (The medium genre in general) If you’re interested in working with this please include examples of one monster and example of your best surreal piece. submitted …

[Hiring] Hiring Horror/Monster/Surreal Artist for Character designs Read More »