Cashed out for the first time!


Been a medium/long time hodler, watched and regretted never buying in when BTC was at $250… After watching the FOMO for years and buying into it only first in early 2018 Learned as much as I could, constant DCA, emotional ups and downs, you know the drill, I finally cashed out for the first time!

What a relief! I only cashed out a small amount to purchase some steel bumpers for my new truck but still…

I’ve always had the feeling that if I cash out I lost potential gains (and losses I guess). But honestly, these new bumpers are now on the way and it’s all from profit…

Gonna feel good looking at my truck knowing I finally have something tangible from this wild space and all the time spent over the last few years!

Cheers and hope you guys can feel the same when you pull some profits!

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