Cardano was right all along. It might be the most promising project in the whole space right now


Im the only one feeling this way ? Luna crash has once again showed, how important hard fundamentals are.

Even if the Luna crash was a coordinated attack, so what ? As some has pointed out, if a project can’t defend such an attack, it’s not secure.

When I entered crypto I actually thought blockchain can change the world and replace the systems of humanity with better and secure systems and solutions some Day.

In the last years, specially through NFT and Metaverse hype, the crypto space has (more than before) becomes all about making fast money, no matter what. That’s why projects like Solana are so popular. Solana is either stable, or secure, or decentralized and still, it has blown easily into top 10 just because of NFT, easy for development and general hype. An abstraction: No one would argue that JavaScript isn’t popular. But would you let run critical systems of JavaScript ? No.

Cardano has actually achieved everything that was promised. While yes, it took a very long time, aspieclly with smart contracts, it’s all there now and working exactly as expected. They are already ahead of many other chains, even eth, in their research and the next era is almost only for more scalability. Look up when eth 2.0 should be released the first time.

What many ppl kinda don’t realize is, that Cardano has almost solve all the problems other coins are now fixing for years and years to come. That’s why they did the research first. They have invented a whole new architecture that isn’t just a copy and paste eth clone. In terms of road map, Cardano is ahead of Eth right now. They can now focus on scaling, while other problems are still struggling to fix fundamental flaws in their architecture.

How can this approach be worse than just throw our stuff and make ppl lose billions ?

With recent actions like the Luna crash, the crypto market will mature and more researched projects will shine.

Even if you stripe away all of that, Cardano is easy to use, has low fees, has probably the easiest staking in the whole industry, is one of not the most decentralized and secure POS Chains ever and has by far the biggest science and research Fundament from all projects out there. They have even a stable Coin „Djed“ that’s running on testnet right now. Guess what, A Luna like scenario is not possible there, because it was already considered as an possible problem during research.

I think Cardanos approach is the Right

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