Cardano – dead in the water or ready to blow up 5x?


This is why I love this sub – within 20 minutes we get the following two posts: 1. Cardano is dead, it’s a zombie coin that everyone doesn’t realize is dead


Cardano is poised to grow 3-5x in price in the next few months with a market cap of $70 billion plus …

Polar opposite opinions both of which have merit … as a bag holder I have a vested interest and I’m concerned

Convince me that Cardano is still a good investment!

OR convince me that I should take my profits, pat myself on the back and look for other opportunities as Cardano is doomed to fail …

Btw – my portfolio is mostly BTC / ETH and then I have smaller bags of ADA, ALGO, GRT

And just in case I didn’t quite get to 500 characters I think this last bit should do it

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