Can we just take a moment, to realize that BTC it’s just chilling at the previous ATH?


This achivement by all of us, and for the cryptoverse it’s just amazing, Bitcoin it’s just casually trading for 63k-65k, and just to refresh your memory, that was our previous ATH, and we just touched that for like a couple of hours, no we’ve spent hours, days, and even weeks at this current levels.

BTC hourly, from the previus ATH. (On April 2021).

As you can see, we just touched this current levels just 13 times, and now we’re just chillin at 64k, building a fort for a potential downside when we go higher on the upcoming days/weeks/months.

BTC hourly right now.

So anyways, I think this is a great thing for BTC and the entire cryptoverse, hoping that everybody’s in the green right now, and mining Fiat so you can invest more hopefully. Have a nice Sunday.

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