Can we just stop the circle of hate?


Can we just stop throwing rocks at each other? Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc. We’re now in a vicious cycle of shitting on each other’s project. Rocks have been thrown and it doesn’t matter who threw the first one, because now everyone is throwing rocks at each other.

Can’t we talk more positively of each other? TBH zoom out and you’ll see that each of our chains have their own strengths and weaknesses. There’s no one perfect blockchain. Whether it’s network effect, number of dapps, blockchain issues, person of interest issues, we’re all degenerates.

The in-fighting just feeds more ammo to those who want to bring down blockchain tech. All those nasty headlines about your favorite crypto are because we keep feeding the media stories. Imagine the confidence of the public if they see a strong ass community working together to help each other through mistakes.

Decentralization won’t rely on a single lone blockchain. Scalability won’t competitive without competition. Security will be tighter when we learn from our competition and ourselves. Can we start a movement to stop hating on other chains? I’ll personally stop shitting on BSC haha. I’ve been perpetuating the toxicity, and now moving forward I think we need to first stop the cycle in its tracks.

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