Can we get a limit on the number of “buy the dip” posts like we have for the number of coin specific posts.


Everytime the markets drop slightly the sub gets flooded with buy the dip posts and discount day posts and how you shouldn’t panic and it’s just fud or its just a correction blah blah blah.

This is good to keep newbies from getting scared and panic selling but I don’t think they need to have it be every second post that they read. There is an algorithmic limit on coin specific posts based on their respective market caps, can we get some kind of limit on buy the dip posts?

I’ve seen enough buy the dip post’s just today to last the rest of my life, whether its just moon farming or a genuine attempt to calm newer investors or a cope by people who are over exposed to the markets frankly doesn’t matter to me, but we don’t need 50 of them everytime BTC drops $2k which is only like 5/10%. We are still up like 80% since the start of the year.

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