Can we ban “this is not a financial advice” from the whole internet?


It sounds so stupid that everytime someone posts an opinion or even an actual advice, then they say “this is not a financial advice”.

I know must users are from the USA, the country where coffee shops must write “caution: hot” on the cups full of hot coffee because otherwise some dumb people could get burn and take them to court.

But “this is not a financial advice” is a very useless sentence.

If you’re saying your opinion, there is no reason to say it because you’re not a financial advisor and this is just a forum, you’re expressing your opinion and no judge in the world would accuse you to be a promoter.

If you’re actually giving financial advises, then your disclaimer is useless and doesn’t change the content of your post.

For example, if you make a robbery, it’s not like you can point the gun to the cashier, ask for money and then say “by the way this is not a robbery”. It doesn’t work like that.

This was my first Ted talk. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something useful for your own personal growth.


Disclaimer: this is not a financial advice, DYOR.

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