Can someone give me eyebleach for Shiba going up with 25% while everything else is down?


I usually don’t care if Shiba is going up, down or sideways. But I hate to see Shiba Inu pumping with 25% while basically everything else is going down. In my opinion, Dogecoin is fine – because it was the first – but all other memecoins are just a copy and shouldn’t exist. (I don’t own Dogecoin, Shiba or any other coin that doesn’t have a use case.)

And don’t get me wrong, I want other people to make money as well. But these Shiba Inu holders are insufferable with their insane price predictions. The coin is already up 7 million percent this year and no, Shiba Inu is not going to overtake Bitcoin or dogecoin.

This is insanity in my opinion, why are coins like Dogecoin up with 5000% in a year while actual good coins are lagging behind? Might as well put your lifesavings into ShibaCumRocketMoon now, right?

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