Can crypto really be mass adopted when a vast majority still won’t take full responsibility of their own actions and decisions?


I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate here.

People keep whining about how hard it is to use crypto and how easy it is to get scammed. I say if crypto gives you full control then you gotta step up and take full responsibility. Honestly, there’s a part of me that don’t understand people invested in crypto/blockchain when they whine after losing money through their own decisions and actions.

Outside of crypto you can be an idiot to a degree since there are institutions and organizations (that you pay for their services) who catches you when you fall on your ass. There are failsafes in place, some regulations of some sort. Credit cards could be cancelled when suspicious transactions are detected for instance.

But in crypto, since people want full control, then they’ll have to take up full responsibility as well. It is your own fingers executing the buy and sell options after all.

Crypto won’t be mass adopted if idiots keep whining about actions they made themselves, and putting the blame on others, and not taking responsibility of themselves.

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