Call this whatever you want: bear market, bull market, correction or capitulation. This is undoubtedly one of the best buying opportunities in the history of Crypto.


The past months and weeks actually have not been a battlefield for Crypto but for people debating in what kind of a market we are in right now. Literally people talked about that more than the very obvious situation right now. This is, looking at all TA and on-chain data, one of the best buying opportunities there have every been, definitely in the Top 5 and the best since the Covid Crash.

So does it really matter what we call it? Those are just some names people made up and you should not make it up whether you want to buy or not solely on the basis on that.

It’s a great buying opportunity for you if: A, it’s under your entry level, B, you have trust in the projects utility. Just debating what nsne you give it will make you miss out, keep it simple.

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