Bye bye USDT!

Bye bye USDT!


Hello guys! I hope you are well.

Even though USDT is a titan in the crypto market, it is very well known that USDT is, at the very least, shady. Very poor transparency from their end and a coin backed by very little real USD. In fact, the majority of posts here warn people about Tether and suggest we stay away from them. Tether = bad.

What if big exchanges and the majority of users finally saw the problems with Tether and slowly drifted away from it? Well, that day may be closer than it seems!

To my surprise, I got an email today from coinsmart where they informed their users that they are ending USDT support soon. They will stop trading USDT altogether!

This, to me, is good news. Hopefully, more and more exchanges will take similar steps and the crypto market can grow healthier and stronger.

Goodbye USDT, you won’t be missed!

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