Buttcoin – 14 days later – since Odlavsos r/cc thread


Well, it seems Odlavsos “How to Create a Shitcoin” thread may go down in history. Will this be a “happy ending”?? Here are my thoughts;

Surprisingly… It’s been a great two weeks for Buttcoin, as liquidity continues to climb, and believe it or not the coin has reached a respectable $110,952 market cap.

As you can all see , the chart has been quickly climbing and correcting on the 4hr chart which is cool to see after it’s humble beginnings.

Obviously, I do want to point out it is always high risk to invest in a shitcoin… whether it’s buttcoin or anything else.

Here is the chart to show the volatility – as small buys and sells are still creating big candles.


The Buttcoin community reddit and Twitter is a fun place to be and it’s pretty cool in the discord as well. So at this point I’m even past the point of caring about where the price is atm

Right now – it is probably too difficult for most to buy and thus, a lot of people will probably sit on the sidelines to see whether this goes to Uranus or not.

The guide below shows how to buy it , so yes, it’s a LOT of effort still.


Hope you enjoyed the Week 2 update.

The website is live too – buttcoin.cc

Disclaimer: Don’t buy Buttcoin, this is not financial advice.

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