Busting the myth that crypto is too complicated for mass-adoption.


For someone still living in 1995, it might be too difficult.

But anyone who’s been using a smart phone, going online, and doing online banking, will find using crypto no more difficult than anything else they’ve been doing.

How hard is it to use crypto for a purchase?

If you know how to use a smart phone, then making a crypto purchase with a phone isn’t gonna be rocket science.

It’s as simple as anything else you do on a phone.

In fact, it’s very similar to using Paypal.

Select either “send” or “receive”.

Scan the QR code.

Enter the amount. And click send. Done.


Same process if you just want to transfer from wallet to wallet.

And if you’re on a desktop, instead of a QR code, you would copy and paste an address. And double check the first and last digits to make sure it’s correct.

But is it hard to setup the wallet? It’s the same process as setting up any phone app you get from the Google or Apple store.

How hard is it to get crypto?

In the old days, we used ATMs a lot more. You can still use them, they’re very easy. You put your cash, and it spits out a paper wallet with a QR code, which you can then go home and transfer to either your phone wallet, or go on your computer and transfer from the paper wallet.

We can still do that today, but most people now use exchanges.


In the old days you had to be a little more at a crypto-nerd level, or experienced in trading stocks, to more easily make sense on how to trade crypto.

But since 2016, with Coinbase and many exchanges coming in with simplified and very accessible app, it offered an app that anyone who knows how to use a computer and a browser, can easily setup and use.

Even my dad in his 70s is using it now.

In fact, it’s just as easy as setting up an online bank account.

And on exchanges like Coinbase, you don’t even have to look at any charts.

You select the crypto you want.

Select the amount.

Select where the funds come from.

Review your purchase, then buy.


Even making a limit buy, and select the amount you want to buy at, is easy.

There are actually fewer steps than an Amazon online purchase.

But grandma, and even a lot of average Joes don’t understand how crypto works, or what a blockchain is.

That’s absolutely true.

And they probably also don’t understand how Paypal or online banking works behind the scenes. I doubt they would even know how a server works.

Much less how a modern bank actually works. Do any of them know how fractional reserve banking works? Probably not.

And many of them don’t even know how money works. The decision making behind the dollar, along with the legislation.

Many people still believe the dollar is backed by gold.

That ignorance hasn’t stopped people from using it just fine.

Where is the idea that crypto is hard coming from?

From 3 places:

1- There are advanced features that can be a little more difficult. Like creating more advanced wallets. Using more advanced features. Doing more advanced trading.

Or if you want to become a miner.

Things an average Joe probably won’t get into.

But things like advanced trading isn’t really more difficult than using e-Trade. And setting up a hardware wallet is still far from rocket science.

Being a miner takes some learning like learning any new hobby.

2- The difficulty in understanding how blockchain and crypto works.

Like understanding any software and technology, it will take some learning. Monetary systems, commodities, investment, can be a little complicated.

Economics has a lot of dynamics to understand. It’s the same with understanding tokenomics.

So it’s the same difficulty as understanding the stock markets, how stocks work, and how the economy works, when you’re an investor.

3- It used to be more difficult.

A lot of the notions come from how it used to be in the old days. A little less user friendly.

A lot of that has changed.

Most of the notions that crypto is some complicated nerd money used by hackers, are outdated, and mostly coming from exaggerations by the media.

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