BULLRUN CONFIRMED as BTC forms myrrh cross, frankincense cross in addition to golden cross


Bitcoin has been lagging behind Ethereum and alt coins’ surge as alt season rages on. Sure it’s up to $50k after months of falling from its ATH, but we still need to be looking for hard economic indicators that the FUD isn’t real.

Luckily, thanks to a small rural think tank in Bethlehem (I can’t post the link due to sub rules and blasphemy), our worries may be over. After following the star of crypto, investment firm 3WM located three separate financial signals that show that the King of Coins is ready to take his seat in the lambo at the right hand of the almighty moon.

These analyses indicates we’ve hit a golden cross, a myrrh cross, and a frankincense cross. These three gifts have been given to all faithful BTC hodlers and they’ve made little investors drum up a lot of rum pa pum pum over the salvation of their portfolios.

Further, according to Gabriel, head of communications at the parent company of 3WM, we can expect to see 12 coins skyrocket off of the backs of BTC within 30 crypto years (4 human years), but be warned: one of these will rugpull so hard as to betray the entire crypto market by selling the entire supply for silver.

Not to worry, however, the CEO of the crypto analyst firm Bitcoin Investment, Brokerage and Legal Evaluation, has informed shareholders that any potential crash will rebound and lead to a new ATH they describe as “heavenly.”


When in doubt, always remember the white paper: “For Satoshi so loved decentralized financial technologies that he gave the world his only coin” – Nakamoto 3:16

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