Bullish news for BAT! There will be an additional way to earn rewards on Brave!


The upcoming DEX, called Brave Swap, will bring a new way of earning those sweet BAT!

Brave is going to spread the return they receive from their swap with the users. Users that opt in for this will receive 20% of their fees back in the form of BAT!

Hopefully setting an example that many other companies can follow!


In my opinion that is an awesome addition to the ecosystem that Brave is!

The new and improved wallet is already ready to by tested in the nightly version.

Looking forward what more the future brings!

I am very bullish on BAT and very happy about the latest price action!

BAT crossing one dollar and being up over 8.5% is amazing!

ATH is 1.6$ and if BAT continues like this, it can be within reach!

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