Bullish ADA Analysis, will we reach 3$? Correction incoming! See the graph and analysis!


Ada has been in a strong bullish tendency, we had little correction until now, Price went from 1 to 2 usd very quick after the MACD turned to buyer, something like this only happened before at May and we can say the price went up fast. we are seeing the same scenario now, the price is going high fast, being supported by a great and continuous Buy Volume and a strong MACD, got to say that thing are looking much better now than in May. Here is the graph:

Bullish tendency supported by MACD and Volume similarly as May

I use a Fibonacci project to find the targets, we already past most of them and can expect a huge fight for the price between buyers and sellers now, we reached 80% of fibo which is satisfactory zone where many will sell to earn after the bull run, but we can expect it to reach 100% of Fibonacci easily. At 50% fibo (2.48$) we saw a little fight for the price, players indeed took a breath before continuing the movement and now at 80% (2.82$) we saw a bigger fight for the price. In my opinion we can expect the price to reach the zone of 3.088$ this week before a stronger correction, but remember everything about this coin is bullish based on this graph, the MACD is still very buyer and the volume is consistent positively. Prepare your diamond hands for a correction once it reaches 3$~3.1$. If you like my analysis drop an Upvote, I need those beautiful moons, and if you want a correction analysis when it reaches 3$ tell me!

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