Bull run or rally (bull trap)?



So everyone here is having such a huge dilemma, I personally believe the people here can be categorized into these general mindsets:

1) FOMO into crypto now in order to “guarantee” a small profit! But risk being the exit liquidity for the people who were DCAing below 18k.

2) Wait till 21.5 k is broken so they know whether to invest in a long position (to 24.5 k another big resistance), or short it on the way back to 17.5 k (support in a shorting position).

3) Invest regardless of market movement, but smartly to adapt the DCA amounts (weekly) based on the trend.

4) Full blown DCA god mode ( Whether you have a stable income or not).

5) Put on the clown world glasses and see crypto for the ponzi scheme it is as a true Buttcoiner.

6) Watching everything from afar while mumbling “I told you so”.

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