BTC at 66k and ETH at 4.7k and this bull run has barely started!!!


This isn’t like back in april-may this run up has been a lot more healthy and steady than back then when we got crazy pumps in like a day, BTC and ETH specifically have been growing at a nice pace for the last 3 months, was just natural movements.

The real bull run might start now, because they are starting to reach new ATHs every few days, wait till you hear BTC at 70k abd ETH at 5k that’s when the real FOMO might start to kick in (because people like round numbers you know).

Not financial advice but i firmly believe we’re still in time to load up our bags, because the true insanity hasn’t really even started yet, but it is close, so you better watch out!

Just remember to preach the No sell November mantra 🙂

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