BTC and ETH – don’t be me post 2017.


It’s a common thought process around here to load up on alt coins and I’ve been victim of this thought process as well.

Just keep in mind that DCAing into the big guys (BTC and ETH) can still lead to life altering money. You don’t have to make 10,000% gains on a random shit coin.

For example last time everything took a shit BTC was around $3,000 and ETH was around $100 at the trough.

Using ETH as an example, even buying a couple ETH around those prices would have been big money.

My ultimate point is that the blue chips are the sure thing. You don’t really have to time anything you just have to spend time in the market to see gains.

The NFTs, stable coins and alt coins are not the way. There’s simply too much risk.

Expand your thought process and don’t think, “what’s going to make me rich in six months” to “how can I put myself in a future position that’s basically guaranteed to increase my wealth”.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that your “projects” are going somewhere or that you actually fucking “believe in the project”. Alt coin websites that are posting dumb fucking news linked to moronic “news articles” trying to generate buzz are generally a sign it’s a shitcoin.

This goes for XRP, ADA, VET and (insert anything besides BTC and ETH here).

Their PR teams are shilling you.

We haven’t even seen the bottom yet, not enough suicide hotline posts.

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