Brazilians now hold $50bi on crypto assets, while holding only $16bi on US Stocks


It’s crazy to me, as a brazilian, how invested we’re into crypto

However, it’s important to say that brazilians LOVE a “get-rich-scheme”, so I think that most of people that are entering crypto in Brazil are definitely not really invested on the tech, but on the prospective gains (nothing against that btw)

Crypto assets have been high on our media recently, because the police arrested people involved in a pyramid scheme that was paying 10% per month (yeah…) claiming they were investing the money on BTC and giving returns based on trading.

There was an investigation that let to the arrest of the people at the top and the collapse of the pyramid, which moved over $7bi over the years, with ties to the milĂ­cia (organized crime), drug trafficking and churches

Despite that, a lot of people here are being exposed to this market and are taking interest, and the numbers show!

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