Brace yourselves – upcoming crypto startups will likely focus on metaverse, blockchain gaming, NFTs


I’m looking for new crypto projects, but I stumbled upon something I think is worth sharing here. Hashed (it’s a venture capital firm) launched a USD 200 million fund that plans on growing Web3 startups. The focus here is likely metaverse, blockchain games, NFTs, and even DeFi.

It’s then safe to assume the next big crypto startups will involve a lot of NFTs and gaming, and some DeFi along the way. This seems a big deal because Hashed also raised USD 120 million last year to fund startups like Mythical Games, dYdX, and NFTBank.

Numbers-wise, the first fund was invested into companies via checks of USD 1 mil to USD 10 mil, so it’s probably wise to think the case is the same here. And apparently the new fund has already begun investing and will be fully deployed in around ~2 years.

It makes sense to see why NFT and gaming become the next focus of the next round of crypto startups to pop up today, and it might help to brace ourselves for their arrival and maybe plan our investments accordingly. I’m not super sure if it’s wise to invest in NFT games on the get-go, but I hope this helps.

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