Boomers vs Millennials. What’s that got to do with crypto?


I know a couple of “Boomers” who have invested in crypto and understand the space a lot. I also know a lot of “Millennials” who never invested in crypto and think it’s a bubble that’s about to burst.

Boomers vs Millennials is dumb in my opinion. It completely depends on the person and not their age. Age does matter, because most millennials grew up with technology and normally understand it better than some boomers (but not all).

So, instead of hating on Boomers or making fun of them for their opinions, why not try to educate them. It worked out with my dad, at first he didn’t know about the crypto technology but now he’s getting it, and has himself invested on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Age doesn’t matter, it’s their mind that does.

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