Blockchain developers: What’s your favourite chain to build on and why?


What the title says.

What’s your favourite chain to build on? And why is that?

Deploying in Ethereum is expensive and building on Bitcoin is hard because the best option is to do it off-chain (leave the main chain for transactions only), and now there are a lot of competitors in the space, some are better at some other things, none of them are as decentralized as BTC or ETH, so knowing this, what chains are you guys building on and why other than cost efficiency? Do you (developers) really care about decentralization, censorship resistance, privacy, ownership, and everything crypto really stands for or do you only care for the quick buck and the crypto market culture? And, if you’re building on Ethereum and/or Bitcoin why do you do it despite the shortcomings, is it the crypto ethos or is the technology still the best?

Lets talk about the technology and not the price for a while.

Edit: didn’t see that I only mentioned Ethereum (and that’s why people thought I was sh*tting on it), so now I’m mentioning Bitcoin as well so you all can hate on me even more. But really, I wanna know what you guys think, I love Bitcoin and find Ethereum’s idea of a decentralized computer fascinating.

Edit 2: Added another question, don’t wanna leave anyone behind.

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