Bitrue asking for 20% Verification Fee


UPDATE: Commenters saying that we’re not dealing with the real Bitrue seem to be correct. Turns out he was on, not Thank you for helping us figure it out.

We have about 51k sitting in Bitrue and they will not unfreeze it unless we pay a verification fee (around $10k).

Is this legitimate?? We don’t have $10k sitting around and we’re being told if it isn’t paid by June 20th then the account will be permanently frozen and we lose everything that’s in it. They said the verification fee will go toward our Bitrue balance so we won’t actually be “losing” any money if we pay the $10k.

Any similar experiences or advice? It seems insane that they’re allowed to just hold our funds for ransom and that we can’t verify some other way.

The reason they are asking for the verification fee is that we’ve used two different accounts to recharge Bitrue and they think we’re money laundering. Not the case at all, but they won’t accept any other type of verification other than sending this money to our account.

Kinda freaking out a little. Please help.

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