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About two weeks ago, I tried to purchase a product online using Litecoin. The merchant uses Bitpay as an intermediary to process the crypto transaction. A BitPay invoice was generated at checkout and I was prompted (by Bitpay) to choose a wallet service. I have a Coinbase account so I used that to send the money to the Bitpay invoice. When I went to send the money I was prompted by Coinbase to verify my identity. By the time the ID verification completed, the invoice expired. Coinbase still sent the LTC to the Bitpay invoice, but my order with the merchant did not go through. Now I have about $2500 worth of LTC stuck in Bitpay’s crypto wallet. Coinbase support is unable to do anything since the transaction is completed. I’ve spoken with them and they say it is up to Bitpay to fix this.

I have been calling Bitpay support basically every day for the past two weeks and they are useless. They act like programmed robots with no sympathy for the issue I am facing, like it is just another routine. They give me the workaround and do absolutely nothing to resolve this issue. They tell me they will update my support ticket and I will receive an email within 24 hours. I have heard that about 5 times and have received no email. I have received exactly 2 emails through my support ticket from an agent named “Katniss,” who claims her department is short staffed, yet every time I call support I am immediately connected with an agent.

I am starting to consider legal action against this company. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and my state attorney general. There are numerous reviews on this websitestating similar experiences. There is something going on with Bitpay. They may not be intentionally scamming users (or they may be), but their service allows for many issues in which money becomes “lost in limbo” and their customer support is literally useless in helping resolve any issues. I am making this post to raise more awareness about Bitpay. Bitpay is a very popular intermediary for company’s that would like their customers to be able to transact with their desired cryptocurrencies, so the fact that this activity occurs is very distressing, especially since many merchants are probably not even aware of this issue taking place.

TLDR: DO NOT EVER USE BITPAY! IT IS ABSOLUTE TRASH! Coinbase sent LTC to an expired Bitpay invoice and Bitpay support has been useless in resolving the issue.

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