Bitcoin just dipped below 60k, how to survive the bear market.


Btc just dipped below 60k momentarily. This means that the polar ice caps are melting and polar ice caps have the word polar in them, and you know what usually follows after polar? Bears. And those kinds of bears can only be found in very cold temperatures. They typically survive in climates where there’s lots of red and no hope. Their favourite meal is the endangered paperhands. These rare seals are known to simply roll over and allow you to eat them, this explains their near extinction.

My advice? Stay away from paperhands, if you spot one in the wild you can be sure a polar bear is already stalking it. In a cold climate where it’s below 60000k degrees, these bears will eat anything. Do not lay in the snow motionless otherwise you’ll be mistaken for a paperhand seal pup, you’ve been warned!

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