Bitcoin is dead! Again!


According to Experts Bitcoin has died 434 times, starting from the first article claiming bitcoin would die in 2010 when the price was $0.23 per btc, to the most recent December 2, 2021 when it was selling for $57,806.00.

Info from visit site to see interactive graph and all 434 articles.

As the prime source for Bitcoin obituaries we use the following guidelines in order to qualify an obituary: The content itself (not just the headline) must be explicit about the fact that Bitcoin is or will be worthless (no “maybe” or “could”). The content was produced by a person with a notable following or a site with substantial traffic.

First article claiming the death of Bitcoin and most recent. (links below)

November 29,2021 – Bitcoin is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme

December 15,2010 – Why bitcoin can’t be a currency

How many more times are people going to claim that bitcoin is dead?

Don’t believe the FUD Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere.

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