Bitcoin has broken above the Realized Price at $19.7k which as been a key metric for all of Bitcoins history and especially bear markets.



If we talk about important indicators in Crypto, one is definitely going to be at top, the realized price. One of the most popular ones and also one of the most significant ones that was able to confirm a bottom in all of Bitcoins prior bear markets and even now it seems that it is one of the only indicators left that has not been broken. Now, this magnificent rally from $16.5k to up to $21k has put us finally above it.

What is the realized price? The realized price is calculated as division of at which price all the Bitcoin were bought by the circulating supply. So in other words, its the average purchase price of all Bitcoin. The realized price was currently sitting at $19.7k, we had just been rejected by it at $21k before the FTX implosion.

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Here we can see how we have surpassed therealized price but there are also two other metrics that are also realized prices. The Supply last active under 6 months and Supply last active over 6 months Realized Price, which is basically the same but different supplies used for its calculation. In the past we had confirmed the 2018 bottom by surpassing all three Realized Prices. We passed two now but the Realized Prize for over 6 months is at $23k which is indeed a long way.

It may be just one metric here but it is one of the most important ones and while many indicators have been broken in this bear market this one has survived and will probably always at least stay relevant. At the end, no indicator can confirm to 100% whether we have reached the bottom or other but give a general overview of the sentiment.

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