Bit Boy, XRP Bro, Barby Crypto and other embarrassing influencers in crypto. Who are some influencers in the space who are actually useful to listen to?


As most of us know, all but some of these are just scams with extra steps to pump their own shitty bags then dump on newcomers and/or idiots on YouTube.

How crypto online is ever taken seriously when you can’t tell the difference between a crypto news article on YouTube to some 12 year old kids Fortnite upload when both thumbnails look exactly the same. With emoji, stupid fonts, shocked cum faces…

Anyway, I was looking up for some credible analysis channels on any platforms and couldn’t find many, other than Crypto Dad (pretty basic though) and chain specific c suite people on Twitter.

I’m not looking for coin shillers or moonshot bullshitting TA ‘analyst’ more news and educational speculation.

Any recommendations?

Edit: you can save yourself from replying with DYOR etc, I’m bored over the holidays and want stuff to listen/watch. I won’t be taking any advice as gospel. I am not a retard.

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