Binance deactivated my account and is making it impossible to reactivate it and access my funds.


I didn’t use binance for a few months and tried to log in today to see how my few shitcoins were doing. I found out that my account was deactivated. The automated reactivation process keeps failing so I contacted the support.

I’m told that “I deactivated the account” even though I’m sure I didn’t do it. 2FA is enabled, strong password is used and no deactivation email found in my mailbox.

Now they’re making it impossible to reactivate it as they’re asking me the browser version I used when I registered (3 and a half years ago). They also want a video of a deposit I made to binance and more absurd things. Here are their astonishing requirements to gain access to my $30 :

Please provide all details exactly as indicated in this record as it will be audited by the relevant team. You may provide your national ID and repeat the line stated in the statement accordingly.
Please provide us with the following information for the account verification : • Security questions : 1. Account registration date 2. Account registration IP • Device information (at minimum operating system version, brand, model, and browser name/version) regarding at least one device that is commonly used on the account Or mobile login Video • Statement video Please record a video, where you need to appear in the video and hold the information page of your ID document and repeat clearly the following sentence: “Today is date/month/year, reset google/email/mobile phone for Binance account xxx. •Deposit video: Please take a video of any deposit record of this account within 6 months. The video should contain the whole login process (sensitive information can be covered)from the sender platform/wallet, and information for this transaction such as the full TxID, date, and amount.
We require the user to log in from the withdrawal platform(Sender side) and then take the video of the withdraw record (to show his deposit to, so the user does not need to log in to our platform to view the deposit address.

I really feel I’m being robbed and I don’t understand how such a popular platform can behave like this. Hope you guys have more luck with this “company”

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