Biggest illusion in crypto is the price relative to a manipulated ATH


One of the biggest misconceptions people fall for is how low a coin is compared to it’s ATH, and that difference being a “good deal”.

If you look at all the charts for past bull runs followed by the bear market you’ll see the coin shoot up 10-20-100x in a matter of months. This is in fact manipulation and not “retail fomoing in”. Then it slowly bleeds for 3-4 years. The reason for this is so that when whales want to sell off they will have plenty of liquidity for their price target, say about 30%-50% of that ATH. They need retail to buy their bags that they slowly sell off, while retail says “buy the dip, omg 50% off, you begged for these prices, etc…”

This false idea that retail is getting a good deal psychological hurts them since they will keep buying”high” which just leads to more losses. But then the price will drop more leading them to question how can this coin drop another 50% from where i bought, it already dropped 75%, something must be wrong with this coin, I should sell, which further drops the price and affects those other dip buyers. However, they failed to look at the price of the coin 2 years ago which was probably $0.005 and now they are buying at $0.10 from a top of $0.80 but they think this is a good deal, when in fact the coin will bottom at like $0.02.

Right now the sentiment is, keep buying, this is a steal, you’ll be so happy you bought now, but the most likely outcome is coins are now still in the zone for whales to keep dumping. They need you BUYING for liquidity and then after that it’s just gonna stay flat, then people will lose interest and it will keep dropping. You have to remember us shrimp barely affect these $B mcap coins, whales run the show, and now they are cashing out on us. They are not buying, they are selling.

In a price perspective to evaluate a good deal, look at the price of the coin a couple years ago to its low, then its new ATH and see where is can sorta fall in the middle. For example ETH bottomed at ~$90 during the covid crash, then topped at $~5k. So right now people are saying $1400 is a great deal. Well $1400 is still very high from that last bottom but not that far down from the top. So a good deal relative to all prices is around $500-$700.

So remember look at both the coins ATH and its previous low to figure out if its a good buying opportunity. If you look at just the ATH its most likely a manipulated ATH price and the discount you’re seeing is an illusion.

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