Biggest BTC Whale unloaded 61K BTC. Sold or What?


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So in just 2 days the biggest BTC whale ( as they call him ) has unloaded 61k BTC off of his wallet. I don’t know if they are just transfers ( no sells ), many of them or all are sold in just 2 days while the market is pumping despite the shittiest macro and a possible 100 BPS hike this week. If this is true then it’s very clear that this pump is just an exit liquidity for him. And what does he know that pomp guys don’t or what do pomp guys know that this whale doesn’t? It is most likely that the market will take a U turn after the hike but only the time will tell if this biggest whale is just correct as he was previously sometimes before the major red candles or the pomp guys (first timers in a bear market ).

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