Big bullrun inevitable!!! Covid variant is short term “bearish”, but mid term very bullish. Here is why!


We all saw the Black Friday crypto sale thanks for the news about the new Covid variant. Stocks market dropped and so does crypto.

But the more people are scared and staying home, plus for most people is it cold fall season (almost winter) so they stay home in their warm homes.

Raising more awareness and gaining more attention about crypto will lead us to a new massive bullrun starting in December/Early 2022. People just have more time researching, browsing the internet, “metaverse”…

I am so excited about it and trying to load up as much as I can. Also the extreme fear indicator is my buying signal, be greedy then others are fearful, once bull kicks back in, people will jump on the (space) train right to the skies!!!!

tldr; Very big bullrun coming soon!

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