Best Upcoming Metaverse Projects (That aren’t Facebook!)


So With all the hype hotting up around Facebooks recent push into the Metaverse (God help us all) I thought it’d be a good time to visit this bull runs new hot topic and focus…. Metaverse projects.

Here’s a list of some of the most promising Metaverse projects out there, Some you will already know, some perhaps are newer projects currently under the radar… would love to hear what other hotly tipped projects people are optimistic about. Obviously none of this is Financial Advice, just reflecting on some projects established and up and coming, that have been gathering momentum.

Decentraland (MANA) – Binance – Coinbase – Huobi: 2.26b mcapObviously most here will already know about this one. The biggest and most well-known blockchain-based virtual reality world has been rallying off the back of recent attention and looks set to take on its previous ATH. Decentraland is a community-driven Metaverse, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content through its Builder Tool or SDK (developer toolkit), which are designed to create virtual environments and applications
-Website: Bureau:

Axie Infinity (AXS) – Binance – Coinbase – Huobi – FTX: 8.79b mcap
-More on the gaming side of things, Axie is giving distinct Pokemon on the blockchain vibes – this crypto shot to fame in the first half of the run as the first of a wave of play to earn crypto gamesAxie Infinity is an NFT blockchain game built on the Ethereum platform. ‘Axies’ and in game items can be traded on their NFT marketplace. Cute artwork and polished gameplay set the thone for the success its already seen. I haven’t banged on about this or the above, because you’re probably already aware of these 2 projects! If not check out the links
-Website: coin bureau coverage

Metahero (Hero) – Kucoin/Gatei io/Panscake Swap/Bitmart: 633m Mcap
-Heading the list of newer metaverse projects this one is little different.Headed by a massively successful team, Metahero have teamed with Wolf Digital World (who are partnered with Sony) and have created the worlds leading 3D photogramectic Metascanner and what they call the “Portal into the metaverse”. Users can scan themselves (or their items/dogs/products etc) and receive a hyper-realistic Avatar/Scan immediately minted as an NFT that they could use as an avatar for a fully immersive experience in the VR space. The team are building the biggest ever database/library of digital items and a marketplace in which users can monetize their scans for usage in the metaverse. There are so many potential use cases in the future for this ranging fromGaming (port your player into your favourite video game)Online shopping (try on clothes in the metaverse directly onto a lifelike avatar to see how they look – or for use in custom/taylored clothing space)Medicine, Movies …etc etc
-Website: in English with Metahero CEO Rob Gryn: in-depth video from WDW creator Marius Krol:

Boson Protocol (BOSON) – Kucoin – Gate io – Crypto. com: 135m mcap
-Boson has flown under the radar more than it probably should. After a bit of a silly launch style (auction that over-inflated the price) It appears to have found a solid floor and begun its steady ascent up the rankings. Similar to Hero Boson has a very accomplished team behind it. Billed as The decentralized network for e-commerce (DE-commerce for short?) the TLDR; is kind of, the non evil Amazon. With huge purchases of land already made in the aforementioned Decentraland to build their first metaverse mall where your avatar can roam the virtual shops and buy things for both the metaverse and in real life – Boson are on a mission to decentralise the way we shop. creating a more direct link between and seller and consumer. a “DEX for everything” if you will.
-Website: explainer video: protocol Manifest: in-depth break down:

Bloktopia (BLOK) – Kucoin – 344m mcap
-Built on Polygon there’s alot of buzz around this project following backing/partnerships with the likes of Bitboy (I know) and Jake Paul (yes I also know) like it or not BLOK is shaping up as a hot new addition as a new universe to explore in the metaverse. There were some early concerns around its legitimacy but with the likes of Elrond and Avax setting up virtual HQ’s in this metaverse, they are already pulling alot of reputable names to the project now. Earn crypto by competing in games, daily competitions – use the builder tools to build your own areas etc. All the usual metaverse goodness… this one is looking to challenge the likes of Sandbox and Decentraland as the next spot to hang out in the VR world. The game is not out yet, so so bare that in mind!
-Website: with CMO: is Bloktopia:

Player Mint (PMX) – Token launch soon: 0 mcap
-Bonus round here and I’m checking out Player Mint as a wildcard entry. A brand new (and one of the first) Cardano based gaming/metaverse projects that clevery allows users to “Earn by Playing Games You Love” A concept surprisingly missing so far in the space and a slightly different approach to the play to earn”PlayerMint is a play-to-earn blockchain layer that integrates with existing games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and VALORANT. Enjoy gaming as usual and then every 5 days (epoch) a prize pool of PMX will be minted. This prize pool will be distributed out to the users of PlayerMint depending on each users in-game performance.”TLDR Get paid in crypto for your performance in games you already bloody love instead of random often poor blockchain games currently doing the rounds)Player Mint was recently voted for, to receive funding from the Catalyst fund6.Their first launch (a series of “founder token” NFT’s) sold out quickly and are already selling on the secondary market ( Rather than just a nice jpeg these NFT’s give the holder access to:Perks that will continue to be added over time as PlayerMint evolves. Current perks include :Early access to the PlayerMint core product and earning/buying PMX the token of ( PlayerMint) ,First access to future NFT drops including PlayerMint pfp project & game assets, Access to Founder only Tournaments and Access to Cardano Craft treasure hunt and first land mint (video of what the hell that means below – its a Minecraft based NFTtreasure hunt it seems!)Theres alot to learn on this one but rumours that their devs are well connected in the gaming space with links to some important heads at E3 etc mean this project feels one to keep an eye on with the token launch approaching
interview :

What projects are you looking into? Feel free to add any Metaverse projects you feel excited about. One thing is for sure, the top projects seem likely to fly as the amount of hype around the virtual future increases!

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